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When you think about yoga, you most likely think about flexibility, stress relief, and improving your physical and mental health. What you may not think about however, is how yoga can do all of these things as well as help in weight loss.  

Weight loss is a major concern this day in age. Society has set a standard of what people should look like and how much they should weigh. Obesity has become a big problem in the world today. Choosing yoga as your way of losing weight is a great choice. You not only benefit from losing some pounds, but also gain flexibility, toned body, mental clarity, and stress relief.  

Yoga for weight loss can be an entire body workout filled with stress relievers and healing properties. Stress plays a major role in almost everyone’s lives today such as the feelings of depression, lethargy, and having lack of focus. Too much stress can lead to exhaustion, weight gain, and sometimes a nervous breakdown. A lot of people turn to artificial solutions to cope with their weight and the daily pressures of life by substance abuse, eating disorders, and destructive relationships.  

Choosing yoga for weight loss can help to minimize the impact of stress on your daily life and get your body back in order to be able to lose the weight you want to. Many people who are overweight tend to be under a large amount of stress. Regularly including yoga into your fitness plan is believed by Yogic science to strengthen the nervous system and help you to face a stressful situation more positively.  

Various studies have shown that someone who weighs in at 150 pounds, can burn about 150 calories during a regular routine of yoga exercise. Doing yoga for weight loss gives you more flexibility, resilience, and strength making you more energetic throughout the day in order to burn more calories. Sometimes yoga is not only used as a fitness regimen, but as a form of therapy. It helps to restore health or full physical and mental functioning. It is also know to help with chronic back pain and asthma which many of those overweight suffer from. 

Losing weight through yoga can be a family affair as well. Get the entire family involved and work on getting healthy. Be sure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, and whole grains in your daily diet along with your yoga for weight loss plan. If you are new to yoga, start out with a beginner’s class or DVD. Once you have mastered the positions you should slowly move onto a higher level class. There are many DVD’s out on the market with many different levels of yoga fitness, from beginners to advanced yoga. Choose one that is right for you and include yoga for weight loss in your daily life. You will be thanking yourself later when you have the energy that you had when you were a kid and lose those pesky pounds. Lose weight the healthy way with yoga. You won’t just be changing the way your body looks, but also the way you feel. 

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