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Yoga is about creating and maintaining poses designed to unite the mind, body and spirit into a single unit of optimum health and wellness. Because many of these poses require maximum flexibility and freedom of movement, the right yoga pants will make all the difference in a successful workout. Most who participate in regular yoga classes are looking for attire that has plenty of stretch and comfort in organic fabrics. The good news is that there are many choices in yoga pants that fit these criteria.

The Right Fabric

Choosing a fabric for your yoga pants is one of the most important factors to consider since the material will make or break the pants in terms of comfort and stretch. A little bit of spandex will go a long way in workout wear, but many who do yoga also want to enjoy organic fabrics next to their skin. You can find a variety of organic fabric in yoga pants, from organic cotton to hemp and even soy. Most manufacturers will advertise that their fabric is organic so there is no question when you are shopping.

The Right Fit

Yoga pants are all about stretch, whether you choose a pair of form fitting leggings or a loose fitting pair of drawstring pants. Some yoga students with a few pounds to lose are more comfortable with looser clothing. Take care not to buy anything that is so loose, it interferes with your range of motion or gets in the way while you are moving from one position to the next. But a looser fitting top and yoga pants can be a great choice for someone who is not as comfortable with her body.

If you prefer snug-fitting clothing, there are plenty of choices in yoga pants as well. Make sure the pants you choose have plenty of stretch for a full range of motion. You can select from leggings that fit snugly from the waist to the ankle, or opt for a fuller leg at the bottom that flows freely during your workout. It is also important to consider moisture absorbency in tighter yoga pants, since sweat happens during a workout and you don't want it to result in chaffing.

The Right Style

With the right yoga pants in your closet, you will be able to make it from yoga class to coffee shop in comfort and style. Yoga pants offer plenty of variety, from sporty capris to bootcut designs. You can also select between elastic waist and drawstring waists, depending on your taste and preference. Color is another feature to yoga pants, and you can choose between basic black and a variety of hues that will brighten your wardrobe and your day.

If you are serious about yoga and find yourself in classes multiple times a week, investing in a few quality pairs of yoga pants will be a wise investment indeed. The right clothing can make you much more comfortable so you can get the biggest bang for your workout.

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