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Yoga meditation is one of the five principles of yoga, designed to focus your mind so that you can achieve a greater sense of purpose and mental strength. Meditation is the tool that you can use to effectively find peace within. While you may think of a group sitting on the floor in the lotus position, uttering "ohms" in the meditation process, this is really not what the process is all about. Instead, yoga meditation can clear you head and prepare you for many other functions in life that require focus and concentration.

The Principles of Meditation

The first principle of yoga meditation is to focus on a single thing. This may be your breathing or words that you repeat out loud or to yourself. It can also be about tuning into our body and the various sensations going on within. This process is not nearly as easy as it sounds, and most of us will find our minds wandering from the task at hand. When this occurs, acknowledge what took your mind away from the process of meditation and then return to your object of focus. Don't let sounds and activity around you sway you from your purpose of concentration and meditation.

Yoga meditation is best done in a clean, quiet environment that has few distractions within. It is a good idea to wear loose, comfortable clothing so your mind is not interrupted with feelings of discomfort caused by tight or loose fitting clothing. To prepare for the work ahead, warm up your body and mind by performing a few Asanas before you begin your yoga meditation session. Clear your mind from other thoughts, worries and anxieties and allow it to focus solely on the yoga session that is to come.

Benefits of Meditation

There are many reasons to practice regular yoga meditation sessions. First, it can reduce stress and anxiety by allowing you to focus on something besides your troubles. Next, it can improve memory by exercising the mind and offer you a greater awareness of actions and thoughts. Meditation can even enhance your physical health by increasing your lung capacity and boosting the immune system. To reap these benefits, you need to have determination and discipline to achieve your goals and you need to know some of the best yoga positions to enhance the meditation process.

Traditional yoga meditation positions usually include those that are done in an upright position with a straight back, also known as a poised posture such as the classic lotus pose. You can also get the same benefits with a half lotus, Burmese or Egyptian pose. As long as you are choosing yoga poses that are comfortable enough to allow you to relax without promoting sleep, you have the making for an effective yoga meditation pose.

The benefits of yoga meditation are far reaching and include the physical body, mind and spirit. If you are interested in seeing these benefits for yourself, check into the yoga meditation classes that are available in your community.

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